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Ultimate Health HMO Awards

On our recognition of being the best employer of the year 2020/2021, in the health and managed care industry given to us by NECA Awards and Ultimate health HMO being the winner of Health Maintenance Organization of the year Award by Healthcare Communications, we like to attribute these success milestones to the adoption of our core values and our passion for dynamic and productive work culture and environment.
Excellence and integrity are core values we have adopted since the inception of being in the health insurance system.
We have grown these key values not just in words but in the way we do things reflected in our work culture and practices.
In our long years of our experience in the health insurance sector, we have come to realize the importance of keeping true to our core values of
excellence and integrity. Not only has these values not failed us,but it has guided us and kept us focused on our mission which is to
positively revolutionize the managed care concept by developing innovative customized healthcare products to suit the needs of
different segments of the society,
while promoting the highest standards of quality healthcare practice and service delivery in Nigeria and beyond.
These awards and accomplishments gives us a great feeling of achievement and fulfilment which spurs us on while we appreciate the recognition
we get from our positive impact to our
clients, partners and the general public.
At Ultimate health HMO, Your wellness is our business.

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