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Timely Access to Healthcare Services – What you should know:

Timely Access to Healthcare Services
What you should know:

Just as timely breakfast, lunch and dinner improves one’s health outcomes, timely access to healthcare services does not only guarantee a healthy living but also gives the opportunity for early detection and treatment of diseases which probably shows little or no symptoms. Uninsured people are less likely to receive such medical care and more likely to have poor health status.
At Ultimate Health HMO we guarantee you a 24hours 7Days a week access to health care services with very affordable premium. Our innovative telemedicine allows you to talk to a medical professional from the comfort of your home thereby eliminating any barrier to timely consultation.

We also ensure that our enrollees are promptly cared for by our health care providers when they visit medical facilities. To ensure speedy access to healthcare services, we have a 24hours call center mandated to provide adequate support and give relevant approvals with little or no down time.

These and much more are our strategies towards ensuring that our enrollees get timely access to healthcare and medical services.

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