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The big interview with Lekan Ewenla

The MD/CEO of Ultimate Health HMO Lekan Ewenla (MIoD) had an interview with a National Daily “This Nigeria” on Monday 18th of October, 2021. In the enlightening and interactive interview, the MD explained how playing politics with health policies negatively affects the health insurance sector of the country and the ripple effects it has on other sectors of the economy. In the interview session, Lekan Ewenla spoke about issues surrounding the pending health insurance law, the new malaria vaccine and matters of health policy. The Chief executive emphasized that Government should stop playing politics with Health policies. He also reiterated that it has been reconfigured that all member nations are now looking at health care from the perspective of supply and demand value chain, not just at supply alone. He continued by stating that what we had in Nigeria in the past and up till now is that the government is only looking at supply as the value chain.

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