Public Sector Social Health Insurance Programme

This is a Social Health Insurance Scheme specifically designed for employees of federal government working in the various ministries, departments and agencies. Under this scheme, we provide health care services for the principal beneficiary, his or her spouse and a maximum of four (4) biological children who are expected to be below the age of eighteen (18) years.

Scope of Coverage:

  1. The contributions paid cover health care benefits for the employee, a spouse and four (4) biological children below the age of 18 years.
  2. More dependants or children above the age of 18 are covered on the payment of additional contributions by the principal beneficiary as determined by NHIS.
  3. Principals are entitled to register four (4) biological children each, however a spouse or a child cannot be registered twice.

Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme

This is a social health security programme which ensures that students in tertiary institutions have access to quality healthcare services at affordable costs during the period of their education.

The core objective of this programme is to ensure easy access to qualitative healthcare services for students of tertiary institutions thereby promoting the health of students with a view to creating a conducive learning environment.

Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme

Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme is a non-profit making programme for a cohesive group of households/individuals or occupation-based groups. It was formed on the basis of the ethics of mutual aid and the collective pooling of health risks, in which members take part in its management.

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