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Health Tips For the Rainy Season

The rains bring relief from the hot and humid summer. It’s not just humans who like the rain – plants, animals, bacteria and viruses also enjoy it. While we might have fun walking in the rain or eating juicy fruits, it’s not completely safe. We are often prone to illness during this time. We can get coughs, colds, and even diseases like malaria. To avoid getting sick, here are some tips for you and your family to stay healthy during the rainy months.

The rainy season is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive. You may notice an increase in viral fevers, allergic reactions, and other viral infections during this time of the year. Additionally, the air contains more bacteria than at any other time. To remain healthy, you need to boost your immunity, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by increasing your vitamin intake, especially vitamin C. Incorporate fruits, fresh green vegetables, and supplements into your diet to ensure an increase in dietary vitamins.

In the rainy season, we tend to drink less water, but it’s important to keep our body healthy and hydrated. Make sure you drink clean and purified water during the monsoons, whether you are at home or outside. If you purchase drinks outside, make sure they only use pure water, even for ice in the drinks. It’s best to bring your own water bottle to make sure you have safe water to drink. Drink warm drinks like tea and juice to keep your body hydrated and prevent getting a sore throat or a cold.

During the Rainy season, mosquitos breed and can make you very sick with malaria. To prevent this, make sure there’s no open water storage in your home. Keep water in covered pots and vessels, and ensure that drains are not clogged. Make sure rainwater is not stagnant in your nearby areas. Mosquitos breed in stagnant water, so removing the water will help prevent them from breeding. Also, use insecticides in your homes to rid yourself of mosquitoes.


When you walk in the rain, add some disinfectant to your bathwater afterwards. This will help you get rid of any germs that you may have picked up. Remember to clean your hands, feet, and legs as well. Be sure to use fresh water when you wash your face. This will help you stay healthy and strong.

During the rainy season, closets and wardrobes get damp and this causes mould. Since there isn’t much sun to warm your clothes, ironing is the next best thing. You should iron your clothes to remove the dampness. Also, avoid wearing wet shoes during the rainy season. Your shoes will get dirty and wet, and if you wear them again without cleaning them and letting them dry completely, germs will grow in them. Instead, make sure you have a dry pair of shoes or get special rubber shoes.

It’s important to exercise regularly even if it’s raining outside. You can jump rope, do squats, planks or burpees inside instead. Exercise doesn’t just help you lose weight or stay fit, it’s also good for your immune system. It makes your heart beat faster, moves your blood better, and creates happiness hormones. All of these are great for fighting off viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

To protect yourself during the rainy season, it is important to practice good personal hygiene. Firstly, wash or sanitize your hands before eating and after coming back home. This will help to kill most bacteria and germs that may be on your hands. Secondly, make sure you tend to your nails regularly and wash underneath them to avoid any harmful buildup of germs. Thirdly, allergies can worsen during the rainy season so if you are prone to allergies, wear a mask when stepping out, and carry your prescribed medicine with you. Lastly, during the rainy season, many people contract the flu or common cold. Therefore, it’s best to distance yourself from visibly sick people while travelling to avoid getting sick.

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