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Early Childhood Vaccines: YELLOW FEVER

Yellow Fever is a viral disease caused by the yellow fever virus, primarily transmitted through the bite of infected   mosquitoes.  It is characterized by symptoms such as fever, jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes), and bleeding.

Yellow Fever iii is likely a reference to the third outbreak or epidemic of yellow fever. However, as of the current date mentioned, there is insufficient information available about a specific outbreak or epidemic.


To avoid getting yellow fever, there are two important things to remember: vaccination and mosquito control. The yellow fever vaccine can give you long-lasting protection and works really well. Governments try to reach as many people as possible in areas where yellow fever is common with vaccination programs.

Mosquito control is also important, since mosquitoes can spread yellow fever. We can stop mosquitoes by getting rid of where they breed, such as standing water, and by controlling their population. We can also help by keeping the environment clean.

The yellow fever vaccine is essential for everyone from 9 months of age living in a yellow fever endemic country (like Nigeria). The yellow fever vaccine is free for children from 9 months old and is available as part of the routine childhood immunization schedule in government-owned/public health facilities across the country. The vaccines are also administered free for everyone during mass vaccination campaigns. Infants under nine (9) months of age should not receive the yellow fever vaccine. Consult with your healthcare provider about any concerns about safely receiving the vaccine.

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