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Customized Health care Plan

Customized Health care Plan

Customized Health care Plan
These healthcare packages was developed based on the Health Needs Assessment survey conducted by our team of experts to determine demographic status, disease pattern, lifestyle and affordability of the target markets. These are also developed and customized for the under-listed sub-sectors of the economy based on scientific research and actuarial analysis to systematically achieve the universal healthcare coverage as designed from inception by the federal government.


U-Health Educare is a customized health plan designed specifically for pupils/students of private schools from kindergarten level to tertiary level across the country. Educare was developed in 2005 based on our understanding and knowledge of the school health programme approved by the federal government through the federal ministry of health.


U-Health Hospicare is a product designed for the tourism/hospitality industry across the nation with special emphasis on the cities across the country considering the large volume/concentration of standards hotels. It was specifically designed to address the healthcare needs of both staff and guests of these hotels.


U-Health Medi – Guard was designed for guards of private security companies across the country. UHMS identified the need in the security industry and thought it wise to develop a healthcare product that can take care of the health needs of the guards while on and off duty.


U-Health Local Travel was designed to provide ambulance evacuation and stabilization services for our road travelers while on transit.


U-Health Safety Plus was designed for the employees of the construction industry across the country to take care of their health needs. The product was designed to provide qualitative, prompt, affordable, equitable and accessible healthcare services for the employees in this sub-sector.