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Are payments made to hospitals only when enrolees are sick?  

No, it is a prepaid plan because payments are made to hospitals on monthly basis even if you visit the hospitals or not.

How many hospitals is one entitled to?

You are entitled to one hospital as a single beneficiary. But in a situation where you have a family and they are in a separate location, you are entitled to two hospitals. i.e. one for you and one for your family.

What happens if I fall sick when out of station or in case of emergency?

We will ensure that you access care from any nearby hospital. Please call these dedicated lines for assistance; 08169591524, 07033919722, 08030951853. For emergency cases, also contact us on any of those lines before the expiration of 48 hours.

Since this scheme is a yearly policy, will an enrolee be refunded any amount if he/she does not fall sick throughout the policy year?

Token contributed as annual premium forms part of the pool of funds from where everybody on the scheme benefits. More so, our scheme is designed to provide you both preventive and curative health care services.

Can an enrolee change to another hospital?

An enrolee can change to another hospital in a situation where the quality of services enjoyed by the beneficiary is compromised.

Are my dependants restricted to just my spouse and four biological children?

No, because Health Insurance Scheme is designed to cover everybody. In order words, any other person you want to enrol outside yourself and your family is classified as extra or additional dependant(s) and therefore attracts extra premium.