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About Us?

About Us?

Who We Are
ULTIMATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED with RC723347 is a National Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) established in December, 2007 with a strong commitment to delivering qualitative and excellent preventive/curative medical services to all strata of the society at very reasonable and affordable rates.

We provide these unparalleled healthcare services through strictly NHIS accredited network of Health Care Facilities-HCFs ranging from primary to tertiary care across the nation. 

We complement this network of facilities with Specialists/Consultants Panel consisting of credible medical professionals that offer personalized services whenever and wherever.

We also have a National Ambulance Network consisting of Hospitals/Clinics as well as privately owned ambulances. These ambulances are utilized for the intra and interstate emergency evacuation of enrollees when necessary.

Every enrollee also has access to regularly up-dated educational pack and electronic health tips that teaches how to prevent illness and promote good health.
Our 24-hour call centre numbers are available everywhere including the back of every HEALTHCARD for clarifications and enquiries.